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Audio visual translation services

TLC Bonjour provides a wide range of Audio Visual translation services. Review the details of our services and let us know in which area we can translate your content.

Tlc Bonjour provides a full audio visual translation service, perfect for bringing your video content to a global audience. 

We can turn your monolingual video into an international success. With more companies than ever catering to global audiences, audio visual translation services have never been so important. Our expert team of professional translators can ensure any video content is adapted to suit your target audience without losing any of its original charm or intent. 

Audio Visual Translation

Reach an international audience with your videos

Audio visual translation is a complex process with several elements to consider. Our translators will render your script into another language, carefully preserving the original meaning. Part of the translation process will involve localisation — the act of ensuring cultural nuances are carried over. This is often a sensitive area, and it requires linguists with native-level knowledge. On top of this, there are matters of dubbing and subtitling. With the amount of investment your business has already put into its videos, it’s only right that you engage a professional translation firm to help them reach as wide an audience as possible. Our experienced audio visual team will ensure your international viewers will experience the same high-quality content no matter which language they speak.

​Our audio visual translation services include, but are not limited to, voice-over and subtitling. Find out more about these processes below, and get in touch for more information about anything related to audio visual translation.

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Voice-Over Translations

Bring your videos to an international audience in a simple, cost-effective way with Tlc Bonjour’ voice-over translation services, ideal for documentaries, news broadcasts, training videos and e-learning materials. What Are Voice-Over Translations? In contrast to dubbing, which employs an entire cast of voice-over artists to replace each filmed speaker’s dialogue in a way that matches their mouth movements, voice-over translation utilises one narrator to create an additional audio track which translates all a video’s audio — or a simplified version. While major movie releases will often use dubbing, smaller-scale videos are far more suited to voice-over translations. With all the original audio present in the background, the voice-over is free to communicate exactly what is going on to the viewers, even if their words do not match up with a certain speaker’s appearance or screen-time. Condensing all the language and dialogue of a video into a single audio track is a complex process which only the best linguists and voice-over artists can carry out. The team at Global Voices has years of experience, making them the perfect translators to handle voice-over translation for your videos, in any language you need.

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Do I Need Voice-Over Translation Services?

Though dubbing might be the more well-known approach, voice-over translation works particularly well with videos that relay information. Corporate induction or training videos in particular can benefit from voice-over translation services, as can e-learning videos for customers. Narrative-based videos can still use voice-over translation effectively, with broadcast news reports and documentaries often undergoing the voice-over treatment. When approximating the vocal emotional expression and lip movements of a speaker is less important — such as in an educational video where the only speaker is an instructor, or in a news report where the substance of a subject’s interview is more pertinent than their speaking style — voice-over translation is more than enough to translate your video effectively.

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Subtitle Translation

Tlc Bonjour offers a comprehensive subtitle translation service, helping wider audiences understand your video content whilst staying true to its original tone and feel. What Is Subtitle Translation? Subtitles are part of our everyday lives. Everything from Hollywood movies and TV shows to instructional videos and YouTube clips make use of subtitles, opening their contents up to multilingual and international audiences. Subtitled lines of dialogue can only be a certain length or they will cover the image. They also need to move at a fairly rapid pace to keep up with the speed of the speaker. Because of this, subtitle translation requires the expertise of professional subtitlers and linguists. Conveying an oral message in text form with accuracy, while taking into account timing and character limitations, is a very demanding task. This is particularly true when subtitles are translated into languages that tend to expand, like German or Spanish. Tlc Bonjour has worked on translating subtitles for many clients on both a short term and long term basis. We have a team of highly-skilled accredited translators who can provide outstanding results on any subtitle translation project. All we need from you is video footage, and using our software, skills and expertise, we can deliver a fully-subtitled video in a format that suits you.

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