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notarized and certified translation

We provide a wide range of translation services. Review the details of our services and let us know in which area we can translate your content.

Legal and Certification Services

What Types of Certification Services Are There?

TLC Bonjour is your first choice for professional certified and notarised translations, including formal verification for official use. With us, you can make sure your translations are legally verified whenever you need them to be.

There are three key types of translation certification, and TLC Bonjour provides all of them. Here at TLC Bonjour, we provide translations that are not just highly accurate, but also fully certified. If you need a certified translation, our team has the skills and legal authority to provide it. 

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Notarisation is similar to certification, however, the translation must be completed by an official translator and certified by an official notary. This simply follows specific procedures in comparison to certification, with more of a focus on the translation quality. At TLC Bonjour, we work closely with experienced notary translators to provide the best service for our clients.

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At TLC Bonjour, we are fully accredited to provide legally sound translations in many languages and are on hand to offer our professional translation services for businesses in any industry. Having a translation certified provides official proof that the translated content is accurate, and true to the original document. This is often required for legal proceedings or official government documentation. At TLC Bonjour, certification can be completed in-house or by the specific translator of your choice, depending on your needs.

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Apostille Translation We can provide apostille translations in many languages, which are vital for any documents required for official purposes in a foreign country. As a leading agency, TLC Bonjour can obtain and provide perfect translations for these important certifications.

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