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We provide a wide range of French courses. Review the details of our services and let us know in which area we can assist you.

French Language Training

Learn to converse, read and write in French to a high standard with our French A level. Useful for much more than just holidays, French is an international language also spoken in Canada, the Caribbean and across many parts of Africa.








Whether you want to do business in French or delve into French literature, this course will ensure your language skills are up to speed.

French Language Training
Business French
A Stroll Around Paris
French Language Training
Intensive French
Taxi in Paris
French Language Training
French Tuition Options

Learn French for Business There can be no denying the importance of business French on a European and global scale. It is a working and official language of the UN, the EU, UNESCO, NATO, the IOC and the International Red Cross, and it is a key language for French-speaking companies and communities across Europe, Africa and Canada. At Tlc Bonjour Language Training all of our business French courses are flexible and can be adapted to suit the needs of your organisation.

Whether you choose an intensive French course or a weekly tuition your classes will be engaging as well as educational, and offer a genuine sense of accomplishment within a short period of time. A business course, with our experienced industry trainers can transform the way in which you work. Tlc Bonjour Language Training aims to develop strong business and working relationships between team members and departments overseas, giving you the competitive edge to succeed in an uncertain business environment – but one full of opportunity. Our programmes can fit precisely around the needs of your business.

Language training format: Face-to-face weekly or intensive courses, and/or via Skype, Zoom, MS Teams 


  • Course content:
    General French, business French, technical French or industry-specific French


  • Location:
    Classes take place in your office or home


  • Timetable:
    You choose when and how often you want your classes to take place


  • Course monitoring:
    We continually assess your course to ensure you are gaining optimum results

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