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Keys to Building a Virus-Combative Immune System


As early as childhood, most of us were taught the importance of having a healthy and strong immune system. While few individuals later understand the functionality of the immune system, the concept of “living a clean, toxin-free life” is embedded in some of our brains long before we even know what that all means. And even if we go through most of our lives following a healthy lifestyle, there are those great unknown agents of change that strike us and can change our perspective: enter COVID-19.

A healthy immune system is vital when it comes to not only keeping illness and diseases like COVID-19 at bay, but also for combatting them once they have entered the body. As we age, our immune response capability becomes reduced, which in turn contributes to more infections that ultimately lead to illness. There are several ways to build a virus-combative immune system but before we move forward with some tips and suggestions, it’s important to understand that our immune system is simply that: a system, a complex network of tissues, cells, organs, and proteins. It’s not a single entity.

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