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Telephone Interpreting book by Nataly Kelly

A Comprehensive Guide to the Profession.

This book provides an in-depth view into the world of telephone interpreting. The first major publication on the topic, this book offers extensive information for anyone involved with interpreting services.

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Nataly Kelly is a former Fulbright scholar in sociolinguistics, a certified court interpreter for Spanish, and a researcher with the Boston-based research firm Common Sense Advisory. She writes about translation and other multilingual matters for the Huffington Post and Harvard Business Review. Her research and views have been cited in the New York Times, Washington Post, Fast Company, Forbes, and numerous other outlets. She is a frequent radio guest, and has appeared on National Public Radio, Public Radio International, and numerous local radio stations.

Notuboc's book review

I found this by chance at my local library and picked it up because I'm hoping to become a translator. Interpreting isn't really my thing, but I thought it might be interesting nonetheless.

This book is a little Business Speke (for instance there's a glossary at the beginning with terms like Agent, LEP (limited English Proficiency), etc, and there's also an entire chapter entitled Industry Trends) but it contains a lot of useful information for people who might be looking to get into telephone interpreting. It starts with the very basics (see previously mentioned glossary) and goes through all aspects of the job, including a model code of ethics and even snippets of example calls. At the very end of the book are several appendices with exercises for you and a (bilingual) friend to try, so you can test your abilities as a phone interpreter. For those of us without bilingual friends, these exercises still presented an interesting challenge - I am working on translating them between my two languages, and am learning all kinds of new vocabulary.

All in all, this book gives a fair amount to think about for those already in or looking to get into the profession, couched in the very terms any middle-manager might use.

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