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Proffesional Translation And Interpreting Services

Business consulting, translation & Interpreting services

At TLC Bonjour we provide a wide range of business and language services.
Contact us today. Let us know in which area we can assist you.

business consulting services

We are an affordable professional business consulting, translation and interpretation company founded in 2003. TLC Bonjour is an established leader focused on helping businesses achieve their international ambitions. Our network of consultants allows us to deliver services in multiple business sectors. We offer a full suite of business and language services including document translation, interpretation via telephone, video call or face to face, transcription, proofreading, desktop publishing, web localization and legal certification.

Our services are provided across global industries such as life science, legal, technology, manufacturing, games & apps and many more.

Capable, driven and ambitious, TLC Bonjour is the expert business and language solutions provider. We are known for our approachable, accessible and friendly service we are trusted by companies across South Africa, Africa, Europe, Asia and America. With an enviable reputation for expertise and quality of service, TLC Bonjour has developed outstanding professionals who team up to deliver what we promise. Our company prides itself on playing a critical role in building a better working world for our team, our clients and our communities.

Business consulting &

We offer a range of affordable business consulting and language services which include but are not limited to financial services, document translation, desktop publishing, proofreading, web localisation, transcription, certification and interpretation via telephone, video call or face to face.

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Globalisation Consulting

We can help finetune international expansion strategies, enabling your company to soar and go global. More and more companies are reaping the rewards of going global, diversifying their market, gaining access to a greater talent pool and ultimately increasing revenue. Global expansion may be the next logical step for your business but this isn’t something you can do without careful strategic planning. This is where our consulting services come in.

French And Portuguese Consulting Services Offered by TLC Bonjour in Africa

French & Portuguese

Consulting Services

Take some French or Portuguese courses for business Learn to converse, read and write in French or Portuguese to a high standard with our A level. Useful for much more than just holidays, French and Portuguese are international languages also spoken across many parts of Africa.

 Scales of Justice

Legal &

There are three key types of translation certification, and TLC Bonjour provides all of them. Here at TLC Bonjour, we provide translations that are not just highly accurate, but also fully certified. If you need a certified translation, our team has the skills and legal authority to provide it. 




At TLC Bonjour we offer a variety of translation service which include but are not limited to document translation, desktop translation, localisation services for websites, software, or marketing materials, and certified translations.

TLC Bonjour offers affordable interpreting services



TLC Bonjour is a certified interpretation agency with over 10 years’ experience of providing expert interpretation services, catering to a wide range of project requirements and an extensive list of locations across the globe.

TLC Bonjour offers affordable language courses



TLC Bonjour Language Training has been a leading provider of world-class private, business and corporate language training throughout the South Africa, and worldwide, since 2003. At TLC Bonjour our expertise is languages, and our mission is to deliver the very best language training to you, wherever you are and whenever you choose.

TLC Bonjour offers quality transcribing services



One of the many, and most popular, services we offer here at TLC Bonjour is our transcription service. Often described as the job nobody looks forward to, transcribing can be a long and time-consuming process. But that doesn’t make it any less important. 

A young woman talking on the radio

Voiceover & Subtitling

TLC Bonjour is the leading provider of high-quality, professional voice over and subtitling services. Many people question: What is a voice over and why is it so beneficial to video content? The extreme importance of implementing a professional voice over artist (somebody who narrates video content) in visual media cannot be understated. Voice overs, when carried out effectively, can instill a diverse range of emotions in an audience.

Conference System Equipment Rental by TLC Bonjour


System Hire

TLC Bonjour has worked on a variety of conferences, from Education Sectors, Political, Local committees to Environmental Conferences. We understand that the audiences are focused on the chair of the conference, so sound is imperative to deliver optimum results to get important points across to the panel and audience

TLC Bonjour 

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translation in 50 languages

Here at TLC Bonjour, we have a pool 900 linguists who work in more than 50 languages. Some of the most popular languages we translate are listed below:

quality commitment

We are committed to providing a consistently high level of quality in all our customer engagements. Our staff members follow well-established business processes so we can communicate clearly, deliver on time and exceed our customers' expectations.


“I love working with TLC Bonjour and there’s nothing they can’t do!” 

—  Zelda Sharp, Regional Director - USAPEEC

Pricing and payment options

Translation and Interpreting Services Offered by TLC Bonjour

Pay By Hour

Per hour translation rates work well if you have large volumes of content that need translating quickly – and you need translations regularly. This is the ideal long-term option. Linking the time it takes to complete a translation job to the economic cost of the actual translation means it’s up to us to go fast without ever losing quality. You get your translations quicker and for less.

Professional Translation And Interpreting Services Offered By TLC Bonjour

Pay By Word

A per word payment plan works very well for smaller and one-off projects. Prices can also depend on things such as the content type, the language and the timeframe you need. Best of all, you can still enjoy the benefits of free tools like translation memory saved for the next time, plus online project management, and glossary and reserved word options to assist with consistency and style.

Translation and Interpreting Services offered by TLC Bonjour

Pay By Character

Many clients who have content in a character-based language such as Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese or Korean, struggle to estimate the number of words they will end up with in their final translation. You can speak to one of our production team or an account manager anytime. They’ll explain the extra benefits of paying by character and explore all your best-price alternatives.

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